Precedent and Provenance

Why Data Liquidity and New Economic Models? 

Encrypted Data

Blockchain is many things. The encrypted data is good for privacy and HIPPA where needed

More Ways to Pay

Payment portals for businesses and how to keep your transaction points, and cost, less.

Smart Contracts

Powerful tool to automate SLAs and eventually DSLAs. Always upgrading on new chains for less expensive and utilitarian choices.


At Nvlope, we listen and develop a strategy for the next epoch of your business or personal life. Education to navigate the world of digital assets is important and we’re available for local speaking. Learn how to avoid fads and pick dependable options for you personally, a class or a business. Step into the future with confidence and make sure you understand emerging technologies. .

My Philosophy

Blockchain is going to revolutionize the global economy and the way we think about ownership, communication, and transparency. It’s an exciting new world, with new possibilities and applications emerging every year.

I want to make this field accessible to normal people and the average business owner. Blockchain and encrypted assets don’t have to be lofty concepts reserved for insiders and experts; it can help people with everyday problems. Blockchain can benefit everyone, no matter their background.


In a very short time, Ryan clearly and thoughtfully guided us through our first foray into this evolving technology – a technology that was completely foreign to me and my team. If you are looking to secure your business for future, Web3 needs and navigate access into higher yield savings accounts, I cannot recommend Ryan highly enough

Jason Burns

President/Owner, Burns & Madsen,
Ryan approaches problem solving from the high side – with integrity, ethics and service front and center. His perspectives, curiosity and resolve reflect invaluable experiences gained in the healthcare industry bringing real world value and expansive thought to the table creating new solutions through collaboration.

Tory Cenaj

Founder and Publisher
Partners in Digital Health
I had questions regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain and Ryan walked me through crypto history and carefully answered all my questions. His attention to detail is exemplary and he displayed a very strong work ethic. I’d highly recommend Ryan for his background and skill set.

Noy Phoumivong

Director Product Innovation at Simmons Food

The future is already here. Blockchain is making businesses faster, cutting out the middleman, and redefining the basic idea of a contract. Don’t get left behind.

Start your blockchain journey today.