Blockchain and Emerging Technologies are changing so fast that it can be hard to keep up.


Much of the utility is not realized and we’ve just scratched the surface. Blockchain has given us the beauty of a smart contracting and it’s revolutionary power to reimagine business. End-users on all sides regain their time. Professionals can streamline business operations and complex working networks can be consolidated. Transaction points are reduced. 


I find healthcare to be the most promising industry for application in AI, ML. All facilitated by the DLT technology in blockchain. DAO structures and models have grown in popularity as encrypted assets focus on community growth and regenerative industries. Ones that benefit the most from the technology.


Green-chains like Algorand have gone so far as to allow trees to be staked. Not particularly a money-maker but a publicity win. A tree-planting action embedded automatically with smart contracts. It’s not so hard to imagine transactions including an effort to plant a tree? Not possible yet, but could be.


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